Caaring® Monitoring:

Remote patient monitoring to improve outcomes in disease management.

Caaring® Monitoring:

Seguimiento remoto de pacientes

Caaring® Monitoring:

Monitorización remota de pacientes para mejorar los resultados en el manejo de las patologías

What is Caaring® Monitoring?

Caaring® Monitoring is a technology platform for patients; it facilitates the healthcare process in between hospital visits by monitoring events, therapeutic adherence, symptoms, and other relevant information.

Caaring® Monitoring is completely adapted to the nature of each project, enabling the monitoring of the desired parameters during the required periods of time.

The solution is easily adjusted to each disease and healthcare process.


Caaring® Monitoring enables interventions in important areas that positively impact the outcomes of the management of the disease, the patient’s quality of life, and his or her perception of the healthcare process.

By using Caaring® Monitoring in remote monitoring of a specific disease, one can:


Reduce unnecessary hospital visits


Maintain and insure therapeutic adherence


Improve the patient´s quality of life


With Caaring® Monitoring,projects for remote patient monitoring can be implemented with a variety of approaches, thanks to the versatility and scalability of the platform. Caaring® Monitoring is deployed in three overall areas:


Follow-up between hospital visits

Caaring® Monitoring is used to monitor patients in between hospital visits to track their progress. The outcomes of this continuous remote monitoring have an impact in the reduction of unnecessary in-person visits, in therapeutic adherence, and in the quality of life. In addition, healthcare professionals can access specific information in their offices about symptoms, episodes, and events that happen between visits.


Pre- and post-procedure

The outcomes of interventional or diagnostic procedures improve with the use of Caaring® Monitoring. Specifically, the platform is used to provide useful information about the procedures to the patients, and to compile details about how they are carrying out their preparations. In addition, it is possible to collect valuable information from the patients after the procedures, to evaluate their progress and possible events.


Self-management of the disease

Caaring® Monitoring is also used to help patients improve self-management of their disease. The platform enables transmission to the patients of educational material related to specific aspects of disease management or treatment.


Monitoring system

The platform incorporates a monitoring system that analyzes the patient’s progress and provides useful and accurate information to the healthcare professionals. The algorithm used for analyzing the patient’s progress is adapted to each project in order to classify the patients as a function of the degree of care required. Thanks to this system, it is possible to eliminate unnecessary visits and improve therapeutic adherence.

Beyond video-conferencing

Caaring® Monitoring has multiple additional tools like video-conferencing to carry out remote patient monitoring. However, Caaring® Monitoring goes beyond virtual visits by offering settings for our clients that carry out total monitoring of patients in between visits, in accordance with the process defined for each type of disease or therapy.

Más allá de la vídeo-conferencia

Caaring® Monitoring cuenta con múltiples herramientas adicionales para llevar a cabo la monitorización remota del paciente, como la vídeo-conferencia. No obstante, Caaring® Monitoring va más allá de visitas virtuales ofreciendo un entorno a nuestros clientes, para llevar a cabo una completa monitorización de los pacientes entre visitas, de acuerdo con el proceso definido para cada tipo de patología o terapia.

Secure and Proven Technology

The technology upon which this solution is constructed is being used successfully in multiple clinical projects and healthcare programs, by hundreds of hospital centers and prestigious healthcare institutions.


Information security

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification


Data privacy

Conforms to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)


Class I

Constructed on technology certified as a Class 1 medical device.

About Persei vivarium

Persei vivarium is a digital health company whose technology is used in significant high-impact clinical projects around the world. Their innovative solutions for the management of real-life data facilitate the management of healthcare processes, research, and remote patient monitoring.


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